Clinical genetics service -

in person or via video consultation

In addition to a full range of advanced diagnostic services, Limbach Genetics | MVZ Medizinische Genetik Mainz provides clinical genetics service to your patients, offered by our experienced clinical geneticists.

We offer timely appointments for genetic counseling of your patients. Genetic consultations can be conducted in person at Medizinische Genetik Mainz or via video consultation.

Individuals may wish to seek clinical genetics consultation when there is suspicion of a genetic condition or developmental disorder, or in case of malformations, inability to conceive a child, questions during pregnancy (e.g. advanced age of a parent or abnormal ultrasound findings) or increased familial incidence of tumors and cancer.

We attach particular importance to excellent professional, honest and human support in all genetic questions are essential to us. We also provide human genetics consultation to your patients to follow up on genetic testing and explain results.

Our experienced team is always available to assist you and your patients.

We support in the context of case discussions.
The frequent and close interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues from different medical specialisations is of particular concern to us and contributes enormously to high-quality patient care. You are welcome to contact us to discuss specific cases, clarify the most suitable genetic analysis or if you have any questions about the results of a genetic analysis. Our experienced clinical geneticists are highly interested in discussing cases with you.

Our contact details:
Tel.: +49 6131 27661-13

Human genetics practice is a service covered by health insurance funds

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