Medizinische Genetik Mainz
Information for patients
Medizinische Genetik Mainz
Information for patients
Medizinische Genetik Mainz
Information for patients
Medizinische Genetik Mainz
Information for patients
Medizinische Genetik Mainz
Information for patients

Dear advice-seeker,

You or a member of your family is affected by a health issue. You are wondering whether it might be a genetic condition. What are the consequences for you and your family? How can the disorder be expected to progress, and what therapy options are available? Are your children at any risk?

Our physicians provide a clinical genetics service including genetic counselling to answer these and any other questions you may have.


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Our goal: Early detection of genetic disorders.

Human genetic counselling

Our highly experienced specialist physicians are available for genetic counselling appointments in our practice at Medizinische Genetik Mainz.

What is genetic counselling, and when should I seek advice?

Specialist counselling is provided in detailed sessions during which patient-specific questions about hereditary diseases are answered. The counsellor provides affected patients, (expectant) parents, as well as healthy relatives who might themselves be carriers of a genetic condition, with detailed information about testing, inheritance patterns/heredity and possible risks, while also advising them on available therapy options.

Individuals may wish to seek genetic counselling when there is suspicion of a genetic condition or developmental disorder, or in case of malformations, inability to conceive a child, questions during pregnancy (e.g. advanced age of a parent or abnormal ultrasound findings) or increased familial incidence of tumours.

The idea of counselling is to help you make informed decisions, assess risks of illness and take any necessary steps. It remains entirely up to you which results you wish to be informed of, and what conclusions you draw from the consultation.

The main points discussed in the counselling session will be summarized in a report in plain language. You can contact us again at any time should any questions remain open or new aspects or problems emerge.

Who can receive counselling?

Individuals with statutory or private health insurance coverage have access to counselling.

Who pays for counselling?

The costs of genetic counselling will be covered by your statutory health insurance provider, or - in most cases - by your private health insurance provider.


What documents should I bring to the counselling session, or make available beforehand?

  • Before the counselling appointment: Any medical reports issued by specialists you have consulted are very helpful for genetic counselling. Please send us such reports before your appointment.
  • Registration for genetic consultation and Genetic Consultation Informed consent
  • Health insurance card (if you have statutory health insurance cover)
  • Knowledge of your own medical history
  • Information on your family’s medical history


Will a blood sample be taken?

If suspicion of a genetic condition is confirmed in the counselling session, genetic testing is often helpful for further assessment. If you give your consent to genetic testing (in accordance with the German Genetic Diagnostics Act [Gendiagnostikgesetz, GenDG]), a blood sample will usually be taken. As a matter of principle, genetic tests will only be carried out with your written consent.

Our office hours

Mondays to Fridays 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

and by appointment.


How to make an appointment

Our specialist physicians

Prof. Dr. med. Carsten Bergmann Clinical geneticist
Dr. med. Harald Gaspar Clinical geneticist
Dr. med. Brigitte Schneider-Rätzke Clinical geneticist brigitte.schneider-rä

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Medizinische Genetik Mainz
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Parking: On-site visitor parking is available free of charge. Please ring bell at barrier for access to our premises.

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