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Medizinische Genetik Mainz, headed by Prof. Dr. Bergmann, is your expert partner in the field of human genetics.

Carsten Bergmann is a Professor for human genetics with a 20-year plus professional background in counselling and diagnostics. He is highly committed to research, having published more than 150 original papers and book articles. He is regularly consulted as an expert advisor by high-level international journals and institutions such as the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and other research bodies/organs.

At Limbach Genetics, he leads a most qualified, profoundly experienced team, delivering premium quality in the challenging field of genetic diagnostics across its entire breadth.

The spectrum of human diseases is heterogeneous and diverse. In many cases it is difficult to establish a clear diagnosis due to the existence of non-specific symptoms and strong overlaps between various indications. Many patients are affected by genetically-caused diseases. Early genetic testing helps establish a specific diagnosis, predict the expected progression of the disorder and initiate appropriate treatment. This helps to optimise medical care for the patient and minimise physical and psychological consequences. Our service portfolio includes clinical genetics service in our Human Genetics practice including genetic counselling and diagnostic testing. Using highly sensitive, parallel sequencing techniques such as next generation sequencing (NGS), we offer state-of-the-art diagnostic methods that enable us to analyse requests in a personalised and specific manner such as individual gene panels and full genomes. Our motivated, highly experienced, on-site team of physicians, scientists and technical staff members is available to support you in all questions related to medical and human genetics.

We are a full diagnostic service provider in all fields of human genetics. Empowered by the expertise of Prof. Dr. Bergmann, one of our key fields of excellence is nephrogenetics, where we have been building a superior level of expertise for many years, also driven by close interaction with scientific and clinical experts.


We provide support in all questions related to genetics and offer a full portfolio of genetic testing and human genetic services.